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 Marine Geodesy Group of Companies is an association of high technology organizations specializing in the following:

1.     Marine engineering survey for design, construction and monitoring of marine objects and for ensuring safety of navigation.

2.     Automation of dredging process.

3.     Supply of specialized equipment for marine engineering survey and dredging.

Marine Geodesy Group of Companies was founded in 2007 by a team of professionals who have been working in the market of marine engineering survey and dredging for more than 20 years.

Marine geodesy is an official representative and partner of Teledyne Reson company.

 Group of Companies includes the following companies:

Marine Geodesy, LLC

Green Reef, LLC

We have an individual approach to each project and we strive to ensure that our work is highly effective and it meets requirements of Customers.

You can learn more about work and services provided by Marine Geodesy Group of Companies here.

Our mission:

"We aspire to revive traditions of Russian marine pioneers and explorers contributing to enrichment of knowledge about our planet, its origins and development."

Our motto is Labour, Use and Courage!