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As our companies evolves, we continue to implement latest innovative technologies in our services.

Hardware and software maintenance at a high level in compliance with national and international standards is our top priority.

Modern equipment offers an opportunity to automate the process of survey data collection and processing, that reduces the execution time and enhances accuracy and quality of work.

Disposable battery of the equipment allows to operate at depths up to 6.000 meters with a high accuracy level.

We use only professional equipment produced by leading manufacturers.

Hydrographic equipment: echosounders - Reson Seabat 7125 SV2, Reson Seabat 8125, Reson Navisound 215, Kongsberg  EA-400, Atlas Deso 25; motion sensora and gyro compasses - TSS Orion, TSS DMS, SMC IMU-108b;
Navigation equipment: GPS receiver  - Trimble SPS-461, SPS-751, SPS-551H, DSM-232, C-Nav 3050;
inertial navigation systems - Applanix POS MV 320;
subsea positionong systems: USBL Sonardyne Scout Plus, USBL Tracklink 1500 MA; 
Geophysical equipment: profilers - ПГ300; magnetometers - Geometrics G-882; 
side scan sonars - L-3 Klein System 3900, C-Max CM2
Hydrometeorological equipmentAcoustic Doppler current profiler  - ADCP Workhorse Sentinel 300; recording current meter - Aanderaa RCM 9 LW; 
sound velocity and water temperature profilers - Reson SVP 15, SVP 70, Valeport mini SVP; 
automatic weather station - MK-26; tide and wave gauge- ГМУ-2;
beacons - Datawell Wave Rider;
Geological equipment: small drilling rig system - TLD-60
Geodesic equipment: GPS receiver - Trimble 5700; VNF modems - Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro; tacheometers - Spectra Precision Focus 8; laser rangefinder - Leica Disto D3; level instruments - Topcon;
Observation ROV:Shark Marine Sea-Wolf 2 
Additional equipment for Observation ROV:
 -  Innovatum Smartrak 3
 - Kongsberg Mesotech MS 1000 Sonar;
 - Deepwater Polatrak ROV II
Photo 1. Observation ROV Sea-Wolf 
sss and mag are ready to deploy
Photo 2.  Klein 3900 sonar and magnetometer Geometrics G-882, Black Sea

seabat 8125
Photo 3. Multibeam echosounder Reson Seabat 8125 and motion sensor Shipmotion IMU 108, Port of Pevek, East Siberian Sea