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About Us

Marine Geodesy LLC has extensive experience in all kinds of seabed mapping. For over 5 years, we have been a major provider of detailed bathymetric and geophysical data to industry. We value professional diversity of our employees, having the team of experienced hydrographic surveyors, geodesists, geophysicists, geologists, GIS and CAD engineers.

Our company works on projects for dredging and offshore industry contractors, governmental organizations and engineering companies.The modular instrumentation enables our team to work anywhere in the world using local vessels. Marine Geodesy uses the following techniques: multibeam and singlebeam surveys, sidescan sonar and magnetometer data acquisition and analysis, sub-bottom profiling, DGPS positioning, under-water positioning, wave, tidal and current measurements, etc.

Our company provides the results of surveys in most popular formats including AutoCAD and S-57. Hydrographic data processing is based on CARIS and QPS software. Our equipment meets all requirements of International Hydrographic Organization standards for hydrographic surveys S-44.

Our services:

  • Inland Waterway surveys – such as rivers, reservoirs and channels;
  • Inshore – Coastal surveys – bathymetric surveys to produce charts and digital models;
  • Port surveys – for navigation, pre and post dredge surveys;
  • Geotechnical surveys – using sub-bottom profiling, soil sampling, side-scan sonar, etc;
  • Pipeline and cable route surveys;
  • Topographic land surveys;
  • Archaeological surveys;
  • Wreck investigations.